Clinic Information

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1174 West Michigan Avenue | Marshall, Michigan 49068
(269) 781-9867

Monday & Tuesday : 7:30am-7pm
Wednesday-Friday : 7:30am-5pm
Saturday : 9am-noon

Monday-Friday : 7:30am-9am


You can always reach us if there is an need.  Please call the office if it is during office hours. If you have a true medical emergency, you may want to call 911. If there is no medical emergency, please call after office hours call 269-781-9333 to reach the provider on call.  Please remember we always have walk-in clinic in the Marshall Office Monday thru Friday 7:30am until 9am and in the Albion office Monday thru Friday 8am until 9am.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments prevent other patients in need of care from being seen.  If you must miss an appointment you need to call 24 hours in advance or you may be charged $25.00.

Phone Calls

Marshall/Albion Medical providers are in rooms seeing patients the entire day so they rely on their Medical Assistants to take call from patients.  We make every effort to return all phone calls by then end of the business day.

115 Market Place | Albion, Michigan |49224
(517) 629-3909

Monday-Wednesday : 8am-5pm
Thursday : 8am-noon
Friday : 8am-5pm

Monday-Friday : 8am-9am


We have a prescription line that can be reached at 269-781-9867 option 2.  Please call this line for all prescription refills.  Your prescription will be ready within 48 hours.  Please call your pharmacy to see if prescription is there. Due to the volume of prescription refills we receive daily you will not receive a return phone call regarding your prescription refill.


Marshall/Albion Medical participate with many insurance carriers and we bill for most office services.  You will be responsible for co-pays and deductibles at the time of service as required by your Insurance Company.   If you have any questions regarding your insurance or bills please contact our billing dept at 269-781-1208.